"His Path"
- Christian Ministries -
"A Bible Based Church"
Houston, Texas

How To Join “His Path” Ministries
An Independently Chartered Christian Church

“His Path” Ministries is a Christ-centered, Non-denominational,
Bible based church. Membership is available to anyone who has accepted
Jesus  Christ as their Lord and Savior.
“His Path” Ministries is a small but powerful ministry. Members are requested but
not required to post a link to the church on their own personal web pages.
We hope you'll decide to join this dynamic and exciting new ministry.
If you are interested in joining "His Path"  Ministries, please email your request by
completing the form below, or you may reach me by phone at the number below.

“His Path” Ministries
10219 Tablerock Drive
Houston, Texas 77064
Rev.  James Hensley, Senior Pastor

All information is held strictly confidential and is never given to anyone for any
reason whatsoever.

Sept. 25th. 2007
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